2017.11.23 Version 0.1 Release:

  1. Basic feature of blog implemented, and change the blog template from Hexo to myOwn HBlog.
  2. Migrates huqijun.org from GitHubPages to own site.

2017.12.23 Version 0.2 Release:

  1. Optimize the mobile experiences using Bootstrap .
  2. Redesign the UI of pages, offer a better looking of the blog.
  3. Add a navigate bar at top of blog.
  4. The blog detail page adds the display of article name.
  5. Add favicon for site.
  6. Bug Fixes:
    1. Fix the bug of static resources(css/js/jpg) loading failure.

2017.12.25 Version 0.3 Release:

  1. Add hope page.
  2. Implement the cache refresh feature that will periodically loading changes of blog.
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