The little prince

Things that matter are invisible’, this is the last words the little prince left, the last lesson he teaches us.

During the little prince’s journey to the Earth, he has come through a king that rules nothing but insists his ruling over everything, a show-off caring only about others’ admiration, a drunkard drinking because of his regret for drinking, a businessman who counts the numbers of stars in the sky and puts the number in his ‘bank’, a lamplighter who puts the order above himself, a geographer who distinguishes himself from an explorer and just waits for materials to write…

How peculiar the grown-ups are? They chase things they do not want, they travel around without knowing the direction and the destination…

It makes me quite sad that the little prince may have died rather than returned to his planet. But there is no difference for us giving that the little prince has vanished from our life. For me, the little prince stands for the happy, vivacious, inquisitive childhood or the innocent, curious, pure inherent part of our soul. Childhood has disappeared anyway as we grow up and become the adult once we abhor. Now we love numbers rather than flowers, we call anyone friends, we regard any houses as home.

Eyes are blind, see with your heart.


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